2012 Series Winner Driver Profile

Peter Basler

2009 Blue Torch Fab chassis
Originally built for KOH/BITD
Atlas II transer case
Spidertrax 9″ axles front and rear
43″ TSL SX stickies on 17″ Raceline beadlocks

1. Where are you from and how long have you lived there?Mount Olive, AL………16 years2. How long have you been interested in Offroading, and what was your first ‘exposure’ to the Sport?

I raced motocross when I was younger and 4wheeled all through TN as a kid. When I moved to AL, Gray Rock ORV kept coming up in conversations so it seemed to be the most logical next step. I started entering events around 3 years ago.


3. What was your first ‘Wheeling’ rig?

I bought my first Jeep a leaf spring rig about 10 years ago.


4. Tell us about your current Rig.

My current rig is Blue Torch Fab’s 2009/2010 KOH car. I have modified it slightly for hill climbing events because the car is more suited for high speed courses.


5. What would you like to see the SRRS do in the future?

Pick a format and stick to it……other than that I think you’re doing a great job.

We are in the learning stages of this series and plan to take our new knowledge to next year, thanks Peter! – SRRS Staff