2014 Freedom Fest Mega Trucks Event

southern rock racing freedom fest Southern Rock Racing Series had 6 drivers line up at the bottom of the bounty hill.

AJ Rockwell
CJ Bynum
Danny Smith
Adam Ringer
Peter Ruttan
Chris Coon

southern rock racing freedom festLike a lot of bounty hills the crowd will raise the pot by donating money. This time was a little different. We had a man named Wylie Morgan on location and King Knob was helping raise money for him to help with a heart transplant. With the help of the fans we raised $1815 for the bounty and the drivers gave it all to help Wylie Morgan before anyone hit the hill. In the end Danny Smith was the only one to make the climb to the top but all of them put on a great show. While taking photos with Danny and Wylie we noticed that Wylie had Ole Yellow on the windshield of his jeep. Coincidently Danny’s buggy is also called Ole Yellow which was the only one to make the climb.

southern rock racing freedom fest

2014 Freedom Fest Results Freedom fest