2015 Southern Regional Series Race #1 – Gray Rock ORV


Rock Bouncer Class Results

UTV Class Results


southern rock racingGray Rock is already known as an epic rock bouncing park but with 54 SRRS registered drivers we knew there would be some epic runs on Cable Hill. On Friday we started the SXS racers off with a woods course that ended with a hill that proved to be challenging for several of them. Brandon Davis took first place for the day putting him in the points lead.

For the Rock Bouncer class we started with Bents and Dents for the first course and Bobby Tanner took the fastest time. We had a few recoveries but most made it to the top of Bents and Dents. Next we made our way to the infamous Cable Hill for round 2 and the action was epic including Jake Burkey’s  incredible run jumping back down hill with huge air. There were lots of wilds runs on Cable Hill with only 12 drivers going to the top. Tim Cameron, Danny Smith, Ryan Bramhall, Chris Koon, Sydney Rockwell, Roger King, Joshua Rohling, Bobby Tanner, Nathan Tidwell, CJ Bynum, Ethan Spegal, and Joe Pierce were the 12 SRRS drivers to conquer one of the toughest rock bouncing hills in the world. Tim Cameron was the fastest up Cable Hill which put him in the #1 spot for SRRS Round 1 for the series.

Post Race Show

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March 27-28 begins the SRRS rock bouncing season for the points chase to decide the 2015 champion. Friday the 27th at 4:00 PM will be the start of the SXS class and Saturday the 28th at 10:00 AM will be the start for the Bouncer class. We usually don’t release the courses ahead of time but we all know Cable Hill is a must for some serious rock bouncing action. After the 2 courses are done on Saturday we will immediately start the SRRS $1000 MadRam11 non sticky challenge where every driver will compete for the fastest time on Cable Hill with a non sticky tire 39″ or larger. The trails will be open all weekend for wheeling and camping is available. Fees are $25 per person for anyone over 10 years of age.

Pre-Race Show