2015 Southern Regional Series Race #3 – WindRock Park


Rock Bouncer Class Results

UTV Class Results


SRRS Rock Bouncer Racing Tom CameronWe had another great race at WindRock Park with 26 SXS Drivers and 35 Bouncer Drivers. For the SXS course we put together a course with multiple climbs and turns that required the drivers to drive hard but smart. Danny Smith put down a time of 38.330 in his RZR 900 XP to take the win for the day and keeping his second place spot in the points chase. Landon Jones pulled out a 38.570 taking that 2nd place spot on the podium, and Brandon Davis ran a 39.099 taking third and holding his number one spot in the points chase.


imageFor the Bouncers we cut a new hill for the first course that was not super difficult but to be fast the drivers had to stay on their toes. William Stewart in the BatMobile put down a 12.086 time on the first run and it was enough to hold first place on that hill. Jim Joesel in the S-Class bouncer was the first to put the rubber side up for the day but the RCV recovery crew jumped in and got the course cleared. After round 1 was finished up we moved over to the second hill which is always a little more difficult. We made a new line on the second hill with a steep climb at the finish line that required some driving to get a good line with a fast time. Adam Ringer in ShowGirl put down the fastest run with a blazing 15.843 which earned him the 2nd place spot on the podium for the day. Mike Kirby put down 2 clean runs and took the 3rd place spot on the podium. Tim Cameron was able to take the win and hold on to the 1at place spot in the point chase. The drivers put on a big show and kept the RCV recovery crew busy on this course.

Post Race Show

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Windrock LogoWindRock Park
555 Windrock Park Lane
Oliver Springs, TN 37840

Website:  http://www.windrockpark.com
Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/coalcreekohvarea
Directions:  http://www.windrockpark.com/about-us/directions
Phone Number: 865-435-1251 (campground)


Pre-Race Show

Registered Drivers

Driver Profiles

Rock Bouncer Class
Adam Ringer
Addam Perdue
AJ Rockwell
Bobby Tanner
CJ Bynum
Chris Koon
Clint Evans
Cody Martin
Danny Smith
Derek Cattran
Ethan Spegal
Ian from Extreme
Jake Burkey
Jamie Whitaker
Jason Spegal
Jim Joesel
Joe Pierce
Josh Davidson
Josh McCalister
Kenneth Reece
Mark Mathis
Mike Kirby
Nick Martin
Randall Key
Richie Keith
Roger King
Ryan Bramhall
Shane Corum
Shawn Tolson
Shelby Tanner
Steve Morgan
Sydney Rockwell
Tim Cameron
Wes Kean
William Stewart

UTV Class
AJ Rockwell
Brandon Davis
Bryce Sparks
CJ Bynum
Cody Martin
Cody Morris
DC Thompson
Dan Patty
Danny Smith
Garrett Martin
Jack Porter
Jason Sparks
Justin Pierpoint
Justin Sims
Landon Jones
Natalie Cinalli
Nick Martin
Nick Ringer
Shane Young
Slade Martin
Stacy Wilhoit
Steven Robinson
Sydney Rockwell

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