KMC Wheels Battle in the Bluegrass Shootout at DTOR

KMC Wheels Battle in the Bluegrass Shootout at DTOR 


NEW for 2017 at DTOR: ULTRA4 vs. SRRS Shootout!
The Southern Rock Racing Series (SRRS) Rock Bouncers will be joining ULTRA4 for a shootout after racing on Saturday night. This year’s ULTRA4 race will include a 2-stage qualifying, similar to that used in Motocross. Drivers will qualify on both the short course and on a hill climb on Friday. Rock Bouncers will be joining the ULTRA4s for the hill climb qualifying on Friday to determine who will get a chance to compete on Saturday night. The top 15 SRRS Bouncers will move on to Saturday night. Purse for the shootout will be $10K total. $7500 for the fastest climb and $2500 to the fastest car from the opposite series. Bouncers can register below, ULTRA4s should register through the ULTRA4 site! Space is limited so be sure to sign up ASAP. Bouncer must have all of the SRRS Safety requirements listed here.


Friday, August 11th
9AM – 2PM

Driver Dirty Turtle office.


Driver’s Meeting before qualifying in hot pits.

3PM – 6:30PM

Qualifying for all classes – New 2 part qualifying  – Short Course & Hill Climb. Bouncers will only qualify on the Hill Climb portion for Saturday Night’s shoot out.

Saturday, August 12th 8PM

SRRS vs. ULTRA4 Shootout


Registration Closes August 4th.






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