2019 CRRS Round 1

Northwest OHV Park

2914 Texas 101, Bridgeport, TX 76426
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Phone: (940) 683-3480


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Pre-Race Shows

Will be posted here prior to each event.


Friday, February 22nd:

1:00 PM UTV Drivers meeting.

2:00 PM UTV Race Starts


Saturday, February 23rd:

9:00 AM Bouncer Drivers meeting.

10:00 AM Bouncer Hill 1 Starts.


Spectator Tickets & Pricing

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Registered Drivers


Rock Bouncer Class

Rock Bouncer Driver Profiles

Aaron Miller
Aaron Seldon
Adam Ringer
Brandon Davis
Bryan Dorsey
Bobby Tanner
Bubba Bacon
Clint Evans
Jason Sparks
Jay Stortz
Joe Pierce
John Campbell
Larry Krog
Matt Holt
Matt Schuessler / Anthony Yount
Mike Welch
Randall Key
Richie Keith
Ryan Bramhall
Ryan Boyd
Sam Carter
Scott GoForth / Travis Skelton
Stephen Rogers / Summer Rogers
Shane Christisen / Jake Burkey
Shelby StClaire
Tim Bacon
Tim Cameron
Tim Sorensen / Paul Wolff
Timothy Bacon
Venom Racing
Warfare Racing
William Stewart

UTV Class

UTV Driver Profiles

Alex Bittick
Brandon Davis
Bryan Hamby
Bryant Dunagan / Brandon Grapevine
Cash LeCroy
Christy Hutchins / Nathan Wolff
Dan Carter
Kyle Lowery
Jamie Coldiron / Clint Boggle
Jason Sparks
John Beckman
Hoback Racing
Matt Myrick
Paul Wolff / Nathan Wolff
Reece Fuhlman
Shelby St. Claire
Stacy Wilhoit / David Maddix
Stephen Rogers
Steven Robinson
Travis Skelton
Tim Cameron
Tyler Heinzel


Bouncer and UTV Driver Pre Registration.


NRRA RC Class Rules

Vehicles must be 1/10 scale size.  Examples of acceptable rigs – RTR Class

Bomber, Wraith, Yeti, GOM, Rock Rey, Exoterra, Twin Hammers,
(excluded:  Slash, revo, ect…)

Vehicles must be 1/10 scale size.  Examples of acceptable rigs – Open Class

Bomber, Wraith, Yeti, GOM, Rock Rey, Exoterra, Twin Hammers, Custom scale Rock Bouncer Chassis’,
(excluded:  Slash, revo, ect…)
***There will be a tech inspection before each race, to ensure the rules have been met, especially in the RTR class***
Max Tire size – 2.2 (6”)
Not out of bounds unless the whole vehicle is out.
No hand of God
Fixability – Direct replacements parts allowed
Tires CAN be swapped (example:  putting boggers on the back) before your run.


NRRA RC Class Registration

Driver Registration closed.