Dale Larson


Dale Larson

Toyota Landcruiser Buggy
632 Big Block Chevy
Custom 241c doubler
HP60 front with RCVs, Sterling 10.5 rear

1. Where are you from and how long have you lived there? Big Rapids, Michigan

2. How long have you been interested in Offroading, and what was your first ‘exposure’ to the Sport?

I can remember as a little kid going to mud runs with my dad, but when I graduated I got my first truck and had a lot of fun with it and it all went down hill from there . I have raced 1/4 mile drag cars, 7.40@ 185 mph door car,snowmobiles on tar low 8s over 160 mph  and ice, have had a mud truck for long time (1000) HP and up till A year ago started and run the guts out of the Toyota land cruiser

3. What was your first ‘Wheeling’ rig?

First rig was a 85 gmc jimmy (s-10)  was a dd and play rig but after lift, paint and sbc it was kinda a show truck and had a two page article in Peterson’s off road mag I was around 25. And had done every thing to it.

4. Tell us about your current Rig.

Current rig is a bunch of left over parts, peiced together and a lot of home made parts
It’s a toyota land cruiser buggy ( hood and grill)  custom built chassis
Hp 06 Dana 60 with a Yukon locker Rcv shafts and 3.73 gears. Rocksolid made the high steer arms and drive flanges for the new style Axle, mo0g  ball joints  and stock wheel bearing hub assemblies with all custom brakes and rotors
Rear is a 10.5 sterling welded up, stock axles,  custom brakes
Motor is a 632 bbc hydraulic roller cam ,aluminum heads roller rockers runs on pump gas 11 to 1 motor I built long time ago that I had in a 24 ft boat.
Trans was pretty much stock 400 with a 3000 stall
Transfer cass is all custom built / made 241c, I made a gear reduction box that runs 2.72 all the time to another 241c t case with all home made adaptors, input and output shafts, modified stock gears, and custom aluminum cover with bigger bearing , all custom 1410 yoke  that have. 38 splined shaft with aging custom rotor caliber pinion brake attached to it.
46 mickey’s  16×8 rim’s with internal inner airlocks
All home made drive shafts, 4 link front and back  with 16 inch BIG SHOCKS coil overs 

5. What would you like to see the SRRS do in the future?

Move closer to michigan  so we don’t have to drive so far.