William Stewart


Wiliam Stewart

Batmobile self built ,6.0,Goforth stickys, ORIs

 Name: William Stewart 

Team Name: Team Bat


Co Driver: Martin Stewart


Car Number:


City, State: Chapel Hill, TN


Facebook:  Batmobile Will


Instagram:  @Batmobilewill                                       Hashtags:#Batmobilewill


How long have you been interested in Offroading, and what was your first ‘exposure’ to the Sport?

Been off-roading sense I was 10 years old but my life changed when I went to my first SRRS race at Hot Springs ORV 2012.


When did you first start racing? 

One year later I raced my first hill killing race SRRS 2013 at finals in the same spot.


What was your first rig? Where is it now? 

First rig Batmobile still driving it.


Tell us about your current Racing Rig?  (ie – Builder, engine, tires, any important specs/sponsored parts) 

Batmobile self built ,6.0,Goforth stickys, ORIs.


Anticipated 2015 Race Schedule: (Either put full SRRS season or if not racing full season, what events you are planning on participating) 

Going to run all the Southern part of SRRS and try to run all 7.


What is your favorite part of racing with Southern Rock Racing Series? 

Favorite part of racing with SRRS is watching the other drivers I’m a big fan first.




Marketing partners:  (Very Important: Please List in Order of Importance)

GoForth Tire

ORI Struts