GoForth Tire NRRS Event #3 – Rush Off Road – 2017

GoForth Tire NRRS Event #3



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The third race in the Northern Regional Series will be at Rush Offroad on August 25th and 26th, 2017.

Location information, event schedule, and driver registration can be found below.

Rush OffRoad 

100 Four Mile Rd, Rush, KY 41168
Rush OffRoad Website
Phone: (606) 929-5552


Pre-Race Show

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SRRS Post Race Shows



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RESULTS will be posted here.



Friday, August 25th: 2:00 PM UTV Drivers Meeting


Saturday, August 26th: 9:00 AM Bouncer Drivers meeting.

Spectator Tickets & Pricing

Contact Rush Offroad Park

Registered Drivers

Rock Bouncer Driver Profiles
UTV Driver Profiles
Rock Bouncer Class

Aaron Seldon
Adam Ringer
Bobby Tanner
Brandon Davis
Bubba Bacon
Clayton Hollingsworth
Clint Evans
Craig Hughes
Darrel Jones
Donald Powell
Forrest Kirkes
Jake Burkey
Jason Spegal
Jimmy Smith
Joe Dirt Team
Joe Pierce
John Campbell
Justin Williams
Kyle Crouch
Marc Nero
Mark Mathis
Mark Settles
Matt Schuessler
Mike Twyman
Randall Key
Richie Keith
Roland Kirkes
Ryan Bramhall
Sam Carter
Scott GoForth
Steven Robinson
Tim Cameron
Tim Sorensen
Timothy Bacon
Todd Durham
Todd Puckett
Travis Lovett
Venom Racing
Wes Kean
William Stewart

UTV Class

Brandon Davis
Coltin Hoback
Jason Sparks
Jimmy Smith
Luke Kirkes
Matt Myrick
Mitchell Allen
Sam Carter
Stacy Wilhoit
Steven Robinson
Tim Cameron
Venom Racing
William Stewart

Registration closes August 11th.

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