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Interco Tire


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December 12,2017 – Interco Tire is the Official Tire of the Southern Rock Racing Series.

Southern Rock Racing Series is known for it’s wild hill killing action with high horsepower on the most insane terrain. SRRS has been abusing tires for years and drivers are always looking for that competitive edge to get to the podium. The Interco Tire “Sticky” has been the choice for many with the help of GoForth Tire making them easily available for drivers and weekend wheelers. We’re excited to announce the partnership with Interco Tire and look forward to the new things coming from them.

A small look into Interco Tire.

In 1968, with the introduction of the now famous Swamper, Interco Tire Corporation didn’t just change the game; we started a whole new one.  The Swamper was the first ever specifically built off-road tire for light trucks, jeeps and SUVs, and the seed that started the off-road tire market.  We started in the lead, blazing a trail that many have followed and a few have even tried to duplicate, and we haven’t taken our foot off the gas since.  Interco Tire offers the most diverse line of specialty built tires on the planet.  Aalthough we are known best for our beloved light truck tires such as the Super Swamper TSL, Bogger, IROK, M-16 and others, Interco offers some of the best performing ATV, UTV, Utility, Trailer, Agricultural, Industrial, Vintage Drag, Muscle Car, Vintage Drag Bike and Motocross Tires available on the market too. If you are looking for a specialty tire that will outperform all others in its class – you are at the right place.

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