PowerLine Park Recap.

PowerLine Park Recap. 

People came out in droves for the 3rd leg of the 2016 National Tire and Wheel Northern Series at Powerline Park. The Labor Day weather was perfect, both the UTV and Bouncer drivers were stoked, and the fans were excited to see some SRRS action.


The UTV class has been close all season, and with the mixed hill/woods course that Clyde Bynum mapped out, it was going to be interesting to see if the drivers could put together some fast runs. The course had it all, big hills, tight spots, water and mud. Matt Myrick of Busted Knuckle Films put up a 139.67 which secured him a spot on the podium. Local hero Devin Eozzo killed it with a superfast time of 131.25 which ended him up in 2nd place on the podium. The fastest time of the day was 119.17 belonging to the man with the plan, Tim Cameron. The convincing win edged Tim into the top spot on the season, but just a mere 3 points ahead of ORB Fabrications Justin Pierpoint. Team Martin’s own Nick Martin is still in the hunt going into the SRRS Finals sitting in 3rd place overall. Stacy Wilhoit and Matt Myrick are currently rounding out 4th and 5th places respectively.


Spectator attendance was big for the UTV races on Friday, but the huge showing on Saturday for the Bouncers was nothing short of electric. Most of the Bouncer drivers showed up a day or two early to study the 2 hills, spend time with their fans, and do some trail riding at the park.
We knew we were going to be in for some fast times, it was going to be interesting to see if the drivers had their bouncers dialed in from the polar opposite Cable Hill just 3 weeks earlier. To give you an idea how fast these hills were, 24.34 seconds was the longest finishing time of the day from both hills!

On Hill #1, Brandon Davis piloting Showtime 2.0 put up a 16.42. Jake Burkey who had a tough time with his suspension and motor on Cable Hill, got the Riot Buggy where he wanted it and posted up a quick 15.41
Tim Cameron took the 50 points by winning the 1st hill with a time of 14.32

The second hill proved to be faster than the 1st. Jake Burkey made it up in 13.95 with Tim Cameron running it in 12.86. It wouldn’t be a true uphill drag race if Danny Smith from Team Warfare didn’t edge Timmie out of the best time by 2/100ths of a second with a 12.84.


The day ended up with Team Warfare’s 1st podium finish in the bouncer class this season. Danny Smith and Warfare were hitting hard on all 8 cylinders. Jake Burkey who has been working tirelessly to get Riot back in the fight hit a homerun at Powerline with a 2nd place spot on the podium. Tim Cameron’s smooth performance on both hills, as well as having his latest buggy “Unfinished Business” in tip top shape sent him straight to the number 1 spot on the podium.

The battle comes to a head as North meets South at the SRRS Finals at Hot Springs ORV on October 7th and 8th, you don’t want to miss it.

We’ll see you at the races,


Dave Zee
National Rock Racing Assoc.