2013 RCV ULTRA4 vs SRRS – Superlift ORV Park

For the first time ever Ultra4 race cars and SRRS rock bounce rigs went head to head in a rock bounce style race! The course was set up to be as fair as possible for both types of rigs. “Donnie’s Hill” was chosen due to the tight woods at the bottom and the mild ledges at the top would appeal to both rig’s advantages. It didn’t take long for rigs to ascend the climb, after the first couple runs SRRS driver Steven Woolsey had laid down the fastest time of just 36 seconds! Only one second faster than U4 driver Shannon Campbell!

A huge crowd had gathered on the hill side and with each competitor it seemed as if they were getting faster each run. The Ultra4 guys had fully embraced the rock bouncing way and were launching up the climb full throttle! Horsepower and lucky bounces is what it took for a fast time, and one bad bounce could ruin an entire run.

One distinction between the U4 rigs and SRRS rigs were durability. For the most part all rigs held together but we saw many U4 race cars with mechanical failures, granted they did just finish running a hard endurance race. Another difference was horsepower and suspension. The u4 cars lacked horsepower but made up for it with suspension, whereas the bouncers had plenty of power but had a hard time getting it to the ground.

As the dust settled a Ultra4 race car came out the overall winner, Shannon Campbell! Not far behind was Joe Lawson taking the win for the Rock Bouncer class.

This race taught everyone a lot and turned rivalry into friendship and camaraderie. It also proved that rock bouncing isn’t necessarily a rig type, but a driving style!