2018 Cup Series Registration


2018 10 Points  Race Season 

The 2018 SRRS season is coming up and we’ve been working hard to make it the best season so far for Rock Bouncers and UTVs. With the continued support from many companies and the additional support from new companies for the 2018 season we have continued to grow with some really awesome new things coming. Be sure to thank these companies via social media, email, or a phone call so they know we all appreciate their support of National Rock Racing Association to help grow our favorite sport.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Another new thing for the 2018 Season is Social Media Campaign options for your race team. We’re bringing a marketing company on board to help fill this void to help race teams get the most out of their social media which will also help your potential to bring in more sponsors. We understand the lack of time and keeping up with the constantly changing social media platforms can be overwhelming and were going to offer a way to make this easier. Many of the companies we’ve spoken to notice this void and also want to see it filled. This will help with contingency programs which are great for direct benefits to the teams. If you are interested in this program shoot us an email to Drivers@SouthernRockRacing.com.

Individual Races Registration will be available January 16, 2018

Bouncer Class

Individual Race Entry $225. Available online until 2 weeks prior to each event.

UTV Class
Individual Race Entry $130. Available online until 2 weeks prior to each event.

2018 Season Entry 

Be sure to look over the RULES before registering to make sure you have everything needed and you understand the new 10 race format. If you have any questions please call or send an email to Info@SouthernRockRacing.com

Also as soon as you register please email a nice mug shot of yourself, and nice photo of your rig, and as much information as possible to Drivers@SouthernRockRacing.com

Bouncer Class

Available until – 1-15-2018

The Full Bouncer 10 Race season – $1700

UTV Class

Available until – 1-15-2018

The Full UTV 10 Race season – $950


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