SRRS UTV Bounty Series

SRRS UTV Bounty Series

 This is separate from the 2019 National Cup  Series.

The 2019 Season we will be changing things up a little for the UTV Class that prefer the hard core hills. These UTV Bounty races will be held during select National Cup Series Bouncer Class Races and will run some of the Bouncer Class race courses. Each course will be timed and the points system will be the same as the Cup Series races.

2019 Schedule


WildCat OffRoad, KY

March 30

Dirty Turtle, KY

April 27

Hawk Pride, AL

August 3

Blue Holler, KY

August 24

Bikini Bottoms, TN

Oct. 3-6 Finals


Once you’re registered send this list of items in a single email to

  • A nice profile photo of yourself.
  • A nice profile photo of the UTV.
  • List of details about you.
  • Info and Parts list of the UTV.
  • List of your sponsors.


List of things needed via Dropbox 

  • Video content of your UTV in action.
  • Video of you talking about yourself.
  • Video of the UTV as you talk about the specs and sponsors.
  • We just need the raw content and we will do our best to edit your profile with the content you provide.
  • We will help with this if you are at one of our events (SRRS Finals) or want to come to the studio in Horn Lake, MS with appointment.
  • We want to promote you (the drivers) in the best possible light for the months leading up to this series.


Entry Fee Options


 Available Until 11-15-2018

Full Season Entry – $1100

Available Until 12-15-2018

Full Season Entry- $1300

Payout Structure

Minimum 100% Entry Fee Payout

50% Entry Fee  Series payout to the top 5 at the finals.

1st Place – 18%
2nd Place – 13%
3rd Place – 9%
4th Place – 6%
5th Place – 4%

10% x 5  Entry Fee Each Event Payout to the top 3.
1st Place – 5%
2nd Place – 3%
3rd Place – 2%

UTV Class Safety and Equipment


            • 6 point Roll cage tied into the frame. If roll cage is damaged or dented and jeopardizes the structural ability of the cage, SRRS officials will determine if the chassis is safe to race. *
            • Wrist Restraints or Window nets/Roof Panels are required.
            • HNR / Hans style system required.
            • 5pt. Harness is the minimum requirement for seat belts.*
            • DOT Helmet must be worn (and buckled) at all times.
            • Fire suit must be worn while racing. 1 layer minimum.
            • Must have 1 fire extinguisher easily reached by the driver.*
            • Eye protection required
            • Must be secure before the car moves.
            • Media must be approved by SRRS for access and a SRRS approved yellow media vest is required.
            • Barriers will be used to keep spectators back, and if you are across the line, then you will be escorted from property. Safety has always been top priority for SRRS, and we will enforce these safety rules above everything else.
            • If we put a time on a hill, its to keep someone from trying for a long time and still not making it. If it looks like you may still climb it we will allow you continue for a short time after the time limit.
            • It is up to the race team to make sure your rig is ready and passes tech inspection. SRRS officials make the final decision to pass or fail a race car. We will do tech inspections starting  before the race, and will continue to inspect rigs up to 1 hour before drivers meeting. If your rig fails tech then you have until one hour before the drivers meeting to bring your rig up to code. So if you are unsure about your set up, make sure you get there early so you will have time to make repairs before the final tech insp.


Name / Rig
Contact Number