2014 SRRS Battlefest Superlift ORV Park – Video and Photos

SRRS12014 was the first time we hosted an event that included any type of “standard offroad rig”. We have been receiving emails and messages from people since we first started SRRS from people asking about something for the smaller tire rigs. We came up with the idea of putting offroad clubs against each other and any tire size could race!

We had clubs from all over wanting to represent their team. Several newer JK jeeps, even as new as 2014, showed up to run the woods course we laid out. We had rigs from bone stock jeeps to over the top built Rock Bouncers racing that day.

We finished the day off with the UTVs and they didn’t hold anything back, laying down some of the fastest times of the day! A few dirt bikes even showed up to run for fun, it was really great seeing all these different styles of rigs and driving come together in a fun, friendly competition. After all the racing was over, we had plenty of day light left for some old fashioned trail riding with great people in the offroad community.

SRRS2We had a couple UTVs, Joey Beck and CJ Bynum, hit the Bounty Hill called Little Hill, you have see this thing in person to get the real perspective of just how tall and steep that climb is!

RESULTS as of 2/23

Download PDF: Superlift Feb Results

Superlift Feb Results

More Videos & Photos to Come, but here is a start…


Schedule for BattleFest at Superlift Off-Road Vehicle Park

SRRS BattlefestDrivers Meeting: 9:00am Saturday morning at the Pavilion.

Racing Starts: 10:00am
Full Size Rigs First
SXS Class After

When all of the Motorsport racing is finished we will get the brave souls running in the Barbie Jeep Racing lined up and ready to compete. To enter the Barbie class you must have a steering wheel, plastic wheels, and a helmet.

Spectators Welcome: $25 per person for Saturday and $40 per person for the whole weekend.

Directions to Superlift Off-Road Vehicle Park:  CLICK HERE
2100 Mill Creek Road  Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901
Phone: 501-625-3600
GPS Coordinates to front gate:  34° 32′ 9.35″ N  92° 58′ 9.03″ W


Entry List as of 2/12:

Already at 50 entries to race across all classes. This is going to be a great time.

Outlaw Bama Gang
Rick Nickolson 43″
Blake Lackey 43″
Ross Shores 39″
Nick Abram 44″

Team FGS
Cory Alexander 42″
Leslie Davis 43″
Mike Anglin 39″
Marc Davis 39″
Jason McMurray 37″
Josh Ault 39″

Outlaw Crawlers
Joe Haskins 39.5″
Natalie Strange 38″
Joe Greene 43″
J.D. Laster 43″
Michael Garner 42″
David Williams 43″
Brett Rhodes 44″

Arkansas Jeep Owners Society 
Jared W Davis 36″
Chance Reed 37″

Bayou Jeepers
Ken Bryan 31″
Scott Herrington 33″
Ed Luallen 47″
Will Gamble 37″
Brent Turner 39″
Preston Evans 40″
Robbie Johnson 39″
Aaron Youngblood 35″
Steve Cobb 40″
Melody Cobb 40″

Crevice Crawlers
Orlan Mears 37″
Henry Laxton 38″
Chris Morgan 37″
Carlton Mullins 33″
Christy Morgan 37″
Eli Myat 33″

Mike West 37″
BJ Allen 39″
Mike Odom 40″
Elliott Andrews 32″

Arkansas Crawlers
Billy Mountjoy 38″
Rodney Madden 40″
Steven Woolsey 43″

Adam Hawkins
Nick Abram
Blake Lackey
Tripp Pullen
CJ Bynum
Bradley George
Nick Kortenber
The Danny Smith