SRRS Southern Series Round 2.

The SRRS Southern Series Round 2 went down at the new Busted Knuckle Off Road Park with lots of great racing action. BKORP has lots of great terrain for rock racing, hard core trail riding, or just getting in some down time on some beautiful scenic trails.

Friday, April 28th the NCB Diesel UTV Cup Championship Southern Series Round 2 presented by Abernathys Polaris was some really tight UTV  racing. The course had plenty of rock, turns, and hills that required some focused driving to make it to the SRRS Podium.

Saturday, April 29th was the day for the SRRS Bouncers to battle it out on 2 brand new hills for the Southern Series Round 2 presented by Spyder Offroad. Hill #1 was full of turns, rocks, and ledges to keep the drivers on their toes. Several drivers were denied while others made it look easy.  After the action on Hill #1 it was time to move on to hill #2 which was a steep straight shot with more rocks and ledges. Again it also denied many drivers with only 9 drivers making it to the top of both hills. Check out the results below for both classes.


UTV Class

Bouncer Class