SRRS Storms Bikini Bottoms

SRRS Storms Bikini Bottoms


As the 3rd race of the National Championship grew closer, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that it was going to be wet and muddy. It rained the week of the event, and there was a 90%-100% chance that it was going to storm a portion of both days of racing. Drivers in both the bouncer, and UTV classes didn’t know what to expect other than it was going to be interesting. Bikini Bottoms in Dyersburg, Tn is known for its mud, not rock so this was going to be an epic blend of horsepower, ability to pick the right line,, and nerve.

UTV Hill
–    Friday, April 29th at 3pm in D-Burg was sloppy. Fans and drivers alike were wondering if any of the UTV’s would make it through the course. 25 imagedrivers ended up finishing which proved to be a great time for both the drivers, and the many spectators alike. There was a 45 second bonus up for grabs if you attempted and made the hard line. Tim Cameron was the only one who made it and got 45 seconds shaved off of his time. Jim Joesel attempted the same path and it ended up in a violent rollover back down the hill. He was able to recover and continue via the less extreme line.
Justin Pierpoint with his flawless run catapulted him into 1st place. Tommy Taylor who drove for Greg Gilliland placed 2nd.
Tim Cameron’s white knuckle run pushed him into 3rd place.

Bouncer Hill # 1
–   The next day brought the heavyweights to the stage at 9am. The wind was whipping and there was a light steady rain coming down. The droves of fans made their way to the world class viewing area that Bikini imageBottoms has created and settled in for the action. We all knew that the 1st hill was going to be tough for anyone to climb, and the second hill which had zero rock on it looked virtually impossible from the ground.

– There were 5 drivers that would make hill #1, and Nick Sosebee in one of the Hitman Buggies that he built owned it 1st. Todd Durham and Randall Key made it up as well, but there were 2 runs that turned everyone’s heads. After an epic save from what should have been a roll over, Tim Cameron managed a smooth as silk run in 56.88 seconds. The show stopper was the man from South Carolina, Travis “The Hitman” Lovett. He pulled out a remarkable time of 42.94 that was picture perfect to win the 1st hill.

– Was there carnage on hill #1? Oh yes!. Some of the parking jobs on the hill (namely Danny Smith and Ryan Bramhall) made us all scratch our heads. All of this set the stage for the second hill which looked to be vertical in a couple of spots.

Bouncer Hill # 2
–   Nick Sosebee didn’t make it out of the top on hill #2, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. He showed us all what the line was going to look like, and it was one heck of a line. Todd Durham put the H in the word Heart on this hill. When he made it to the top in 228.45 the imagecrowd erupted in excitement. Bobby Tanner made us all feel like kids again watching his run. He was like a kid in a candy store with Screamin’ Blue. His 105.90 run to the beams didn’t matter after the show he put on at the bottom. Joe Pierce of Wicked Racing needed the points from this hill, and he got em’. Kenny Reece from Ohio in the Adrenaline Buggy showed us all what tenacity and hard work will get you. The 4 fastest times of the day came from The Hitman, Brandon Davis in Showtime 2.0, Jake Burkey in Riot, and Tennessee’s own Tim Cameron. To put it into perspective, Timmie edged Jake out by 3/10ths of a second. What a day of racing!

– The rain, wind and mud didn’t stop the fans or the drivers from having a blast. The points race in both the UTV and Bouncer classes is getting serious. There’s a lot on the line, and the drivers know it. Every hill matters at this point in time, so keeping their rigs together, and avoiding major breakage is going to be the key to making the podium in Hot Springs in October.

–   Please join us at our next race which will be hosted at Dirt Nasty in Bedford, Kentucky on June 10th and 11th. Your favorite drivers and their rigs will all be there, you don’t want to miss it!

Until next time,
Dave Zee
National Rock Racing Association.