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The first points race for 2014 will be at Choccolocco Mtn. Trey has spent a ton of $$ and time to improve his park! He has more than doubled the parking, now has 16 RV Hookups, and a new events area that will be great for vendors and food!
We have some exciting things to announce for the 2014 season in the next week or so. Thanks to Dave Cole, Ultra4, KOH, and King Shocks for inviting us to be a part of the King of the Hammers this year, Rock Bouncing got a lot of notice and and we met several sponsors looking to get their names on some Rock Bouncers!
So, if you want to race against some of the best Rock Racers in the world, go ahead and get signed up! Registration is open and it’s first come first serve up to 40 racers! You can also register as a team, so if you can’t make it to a race, then someone else can drive for your team!

January  25 2014 Southeast SXS Challenge Choccolocco
February 22 2014 Battlefest Superlift
March     29 2014 Series Race #1 Choccolocco
April         5 2014  Ultra4 vs. SRRS Superlift
May        24 2014  Series Race #2 Flat Nasty

June 20-22 Unlimited Off-Road Expo Louisville Kentucky
June       28 2014  Series Race #3 Rush Off-Road Park Kentucky
July 4-6 2014 Freedom Fest King Knob West Virginia
August    9 2014   Series Race #4 Coal Creek
October 11 2014  Series Race #5 Finals Superlift

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