Upcoming Events

The SRRS 2015 season is here.

January 24th, 2015-                Southeast SXS Challenge Choccolocco Mtn. ORV Park                      More Information

February 2nd, 2015-                SRRS vs Ultra4 KOH                                                                                    More Information

February 21st, 2015-               BattleFest Hot Springs ORV Park                                                             More Information

March 28th, 2015-                   Southern Regional Series Race #1 – Gray Rock                                    More Information

May 2nd, 2015-                         Northern Regional Series Race #1 – King Knob                                    More Information

May 23rd, 2015-                       Southern Regional Series Race #2 – Bikini Bottoms                            More Information

July 4th, 2015-                     Northern Regional Series Race #2 – Powerline Park                           More Information

August 8th, 2015-                    Southern Regional Series Race #3 – WindRock Park                          More Information

September 5th, 2015-             Northern Regional Series Race #4 – Rush Off-Road Park                 More Information

October 3rd, 2015-                  National Championship Finals –  Superlift OHV Park                         More Information

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